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Fig. 5

From: Knockdown of NAT12/NAA30 reduces tumorigenic features of glioblastoma-initiating cells

Fig. 5

Analysis of genes and pathways downstream from NAT12/NAA30. a, Western blot showing the expression of MTOR, pMTOR-Ser2448, p53 and ACTB (ACTIN) proteins. b, Relative expression of GFAP, NES and TUBB3 were measured by qPCR (normalized to NS). P values in this experiment were as follows: p(GFAPv1) = 0, p(GFAPv2) = 0, p(NES) = 0.926, p(TUB3) = 0.348. Asterisks correspond to p values and indicate level of significance. **** = (p < 0.0001). Additional details of the statistical analysis can be found in Additional file 4. c, Western blot showing the protein expression of NAT12/NAA30, GFAP and ACTB in the knockdown cultures KD1 and KD2, NS culture, GIC culture T65 and NSCs. d, Western blot showing the expression of HIF1a and ACTB in both knockdown cultures and controls

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