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Fig. 2

From: Human papillomavirus mediated inhibition of DNA damage sensing and repair drives skin carcinogenesis

Fig. 2

Inhibition of DNA damage repair by β-PV E6. a A panel of HPV5-E6 mutants were analysed using In-Cell Western to assay the delayed repair phenotype. The K138N mutant completely abrogated the ability of HPV5-E6 to delay the repair of UVB induced T^T (n = 3 in duplicate; control vs. HPV5-E6wt, **, p = 0.0032; HPV5-E6wt vs. HPV5-E6K138N, **, p = 0.0057; control vs. HPV5-E6-K138N, p = 0.07). Data are presented as mean ± SEM. b Representative macroscopical images (upper panel) and histology (lower panel, magnification as indicated) of FVB/n-wt (n = 15), K14-HPV8-E6wt (n = 12) and K14-HPV8-E6K136N animals (n = 50) taken 24 days after UV-irradiation. c Bar diagram showing percentage of animals developing papillomas after UV-irradiation

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