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Table 1 Baseline clinical and pathological features of patients with bladder cancer

From: MicroRNA molecular profiling from matched tumor and bio-fluids in bladder cancer

Gender Age Tumor grade
M 84 Low-grade Ta
M 63 Low-grade Ta
M 77 Low-grade Ta
M 66 Low-grade Ta
M 66 Tis
F 87 High-grade Ta
M 69 High-grade Ta
M 74 High-grade Ta
M 64 High-grade Ta
M 64 High-grade T1
M 72 High-grade T1 Tis
M 66 High-grade T1, Tis
M 79 High-grade T1, Tis
M 57 High-grade T2, Tis
F 52 High-grade T3
M 70 High-grade T4