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Fig. 9

From: The P2X7 receptor regulates cell survival, migration and invasion of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells

Fig. 9

Effect of AZ10606120, BzATP and ATP on Panc-1 cells invasion. a. Difference in Panc-1 cells invasion. Cells were treated with or without AZ10606120 (10 μM), BzATP (10 μM) or ATP (100 μM). The PET membrane, 8.0 μm pore size, was coated with Geltrex Matrix. The number of migrated cells after 24 h was normalized with the control. b. Representative images of migrated cells after 24 h, fixed in cold methanol and stained with Crystal violet. All bars are 100 μm. The graph shows data from four experiments; each run was carried out in duplicates (mean ± SEM). Significant differences P < 0.05 (*, #) from the control (#) and between BzATP and ATP (*) are indicated

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