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Fig. 1

From: Pancreas-specific activation of mTOR and loss of p53 induce tumors reminiscent of acinar cell carcinoma

Fig. 1

Tsc1 deficiency triggers loss of acinar cells in the exocrine pancreas. (a) Kaplan–Meier survival analysis shows Tsc1 -/- mice survival time (median survival: 131 days; n = 5); (b), Representative H&E-stained sections of Tsc1 -/+ and Tsc1 -/- pancreata show significant loss parenchymal cells in Tsc1 -/ -mice, but not in Tsc1 -/+ mice; scale bar: 50 μm (c-d), Co-IF for Krt19, α-amylase, glucagon and insulin show the loss of tissue homeostasis in the endocrine and exocrine compartment of Tsc1 -/- pancreata; scale bars: 50 μm; (e-g), Representative IHC pictures show distinct in vivo activation of mTOR signaling (p-mTORSer2448 and p-S6Ser235/236) and induction of Pten in pancreatic tissues from Tsc1 -/- mice, scale bar: 50 μm

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