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Fig. 4

From: Pancreas-specific activation of mTOR and loss of p53 induce tumors reminiscent of acinar cell carcinoma

Fig. 4

mTOR signaling is activated while p53 signaling is inactivated in human ACCs. (a) Representative H&E-stained sections of the histology of human ACCs; (b-c) Representative IHC pictures show distinct in vivo activation of mTOR signaling (p-mTORSer2448 and p-S6Ser235/236) in a subset of human ACC, but universal inactivation of p53 signalling (nuclear staining for p53), scale bar in (b) (right panel) and (c): 50 μm; scale bar in (b) (left panel): 200 μm; (d) Representative IHC pictures show inactivation of p53 signalling (nuclear staining for p53) in ACCs, but not in PDACs; scale bar: 50 μm

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