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Fig. 1

From: PKM2 promotes tumor angiogenesis by regulating HIF-1α through NF-κB activation

Fig. 1

PKM2 is highly expressed in human pancreatic tumor specimens. a patient and clinic-pathological data including tumor localization and site of metastasis of the human pancreatic specimens taken into the study are presented. b Tumor grading of 34 human pancreatic specimens are shown. c PKM2 immunoreactivity was analyzed using standardized protocols. All cancer samples exhibited “moderate” to “strong” PKM2 staining intensity and therefore grouped accordingly. Representative image of each set is depicted. d Number of human pancreatic tumors belonging to each grading category and PKM2 immunoreactivity group is presented. e PKM2 staining intensity of blood vessels in the same tumor specimens were classified according to immunoreactivity intensity in “high”, “intermediate” and “low”. f Bar graph presents the comparison of PKM2 expression levels in tumor-derived blood vessels and human pancreatic tumors. g lysates of various pancreatic cancer cell lines were subjected to western blot analysis. Membranes were incubated with PKM2-specific antibody. Quantification of PKM2 band intensity normalized to β-actin was conducted with the ImageJ software. HEK 293 T cells were used as reference (T – tumor; PT – primary tumor; M – metastasis; NN – non-neoplastic tissue; G1 – grade 1; G2 – grade 2 and G3 – grade 3)

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