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Fig. 3

From: PKM2 promotes tumor angiogenesis by regulating HIF-1α through NF-κB activation

Fig. 3

PKM2 abrogation results in impaired tumor growth and decreased blood vessel formation in vivo. a BxPC3 and Capan1 cells stably transduced with PKM2-specific shRNAs (shKM2 #2 and shPKM2 #4) or a non-coding shRNA (shScr) were delivered to CAM on day 8 after fertilization. Tumor formation was monitored for 96 h. Bar, 1 mm. b quantification of tumor area is presented. Error bars represent mean +/- SEM of five to seven tumors. c IHC of Capan1 cells growing on CAM using specific antibodies directed against Ki67, desmin and von Willebrand factor (vWF) is presented. Bar, 125 μm. d quantification of Ki67 positive BxPC3 or Capan1 cells is shown. Error bars represent mean +/- SEM of at least six microscopic fields, each containing at least 250 cells. e desmin and (f) vWF immunoreactivities in Capan1 cells were quantified by subtracting background staining from specific signal using Image J software

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