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Fig. 1

From: Does VEGF facilitate local tumor growth and spread into the abdominal cavity by suppressing endothelial cell adhesion, thus increasing vascular peritoneal permeability followed by ascites production in ovarian cancer?

Fig. 1

VEGF levels in serum (tumor vs. control) and at different days of measurement (tumor samples). Comparison of VEGF levels (pg/ml) in serum samples between tumor and control group. Statistically significant higher amounts of VEGF levels were detected in the tumor group (p = 0.013) (a). VEGF levels in serum in the tumor samples before operation (day 0), two days (day 2) and four days (day 4) after surgery. There were statistically significant differences between all days of measurement, with a decrease of VEGF levels at day 2 and increase at day 4 of measurement (all p < 0.001) (b)

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