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Fig. 4

From: Does VEGF facilitate local tumor growth and spread into the abdominal cavity by suppressing endothelial cell adhesion, thus increasing vascular peritoneal permeability followed by ascites production in ovarian cancer?

Fig. 4

Claudin 5 and VE-Cadherin in the peritoneal vessels (ovarian cancer vs. control). Representative immunocytochemical staining of claudin 5 (green staning), VE-Cadherin (red staining) and their co-localisation (orange staining) in the peritoneal tissue (a-c control, d-f ovarian cancer). Note the general occurrence of both proteins in the endothelium of the same vessels in controls (c). In contrast in tumors the staining is generally weaker and discontinuously distributed (arrows). Some of the vessels lack one of the proteins (e.g. claudin 5) (arrowhead). Pictures are taken with fluorescence microscope under 40× magnification

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