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Fig. 6

From: Does VEGF facilitate local tumor growth and spread into the abdominal cavity by suppressing endothelial cell adhesion, thus increasing vascular peritoneal permeability followed by ascites production in ovarian cancer?

Fig. 6

Correlation between adhesion protein expression (VE-cadherin and claudin 5) and VEGF in the peritoneum. Correlation between claudin 5 and VE-cadherin in the peritoneum of ovarian cancer patients. By plotting the values of real-time PCR-analysis against each other a significant linear correlation between claudin 5 and VE-cadherin was detected (rS = 0.839, p < 0.001) (a). Plotting the VEGF expression against VE-cadherin or claudin 5 expression showed significant negative correlations (VE-c: rS = −0,384, p = 0.012) (cl 5: rS = −0.355, p = 0.021); the scatter plots indicate that there might be a hyperbolic function rather than a linear relationship in both cases (b and c)

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