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Fig. 4 | Molecular Cancer

Fig. 4

From: Regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition through epigenetic and post-translational modifications

Fig. 4

SUMOylation of SIP1 and FoxM1. (Blue arrowhead indicates sequential patterns. indicates inhibition.) a. Sumoylation of FOXM1 represses the expression of miR-200b/c, which normally acts as a tumor suppressor and reduces the expression of transcription factors ZEB1 and ZEB2.As a consequence epithelial phenotype is inhibited. b. Sumoylation of SIP1 decreases its transcription, which in turn prevents recruitment of CtBP to E-cadherin promoter. As a consequence, CtBP cannot prevent E-cadherin expression, which results in the maintenance of the expression of epithelial genes

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