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Fig. 4

From: Over-expression of cathepsin B in hepatocellular carcinomas predicts poor prognosis of HCC patients

Fig. 4

CTSB expression in MHCC-97 L and MHCC-97H. a CTSB Protein of MHCC-97 L cells stably transfected with pcDNA-CTSB increased most significant compared to MHCC-97 L/Con cells and MHCC-97 L cells. As detected by Western blotting. b MHCC-97 L/CTSB also show the highest CTSB mRNA among the three. As detected by RT-PCR. c CTSB specific shRNA resulted in the reduction of CTSB protein in MHCC-97H cells. d MHCC-97H/CTSB-shRNA show the lowest CTSB mRNA among the three. The expression of β-actin mRNA and protein was also examined and served as control for sample loading. (**P < 0.01 as compared to parental groups, *P < 0.05 as compared to parental groups)

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