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Table 1 Alterations of miRNAs/Wnt/β-catenin signalling in cancer

From: Wnt-signalling pathways and microRNAs network in carcinogenesis: experimental and bioinformatics approaches

Cancer type miRNA Wnt-signalling target(s) Inhibits/activates carcinogenesis References
Colorectal miR-224 cdc42 Inhibits [100]
Colorectal miR-574-5p Qki6/7, p27, β-catenin Activates [214]
Colorectal miR-7,miR-34 Ying Yang Activates [215, 216]
Colorectal miR-29b BCL9 Inhibits [217]
Liver miR-155, miR-106b APC Activates [218, 219]
Liver miR-148b, miR-122 Wnt1 Inhibits [220, 221]
Liver miR-139 TCF4 Inhibits [222]
Breast miR-31, miR145 RhoA, β-catenin, c-myc Inhibits [223, 224]
Breast miR-142 APC Activates [164]
Prostate miR320 β-catenin Inhibits [225]
Lung miR-191 Wnt1 Activates [226]
Thyroid miR-146b-5p ZNRF3 Activates [227]
Ovarian miR-181a VNGL1 Activates [228]
Oesophageal miR-141 SOX17 Activates [229]