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Table 5 Pathway enrichment analysis of the selected 34 genes constituting the simplified prediction model

From: Prediction of chemo-response in serous ovarian cancer

Cluster Profiler pathway enrichment analysis
KEGG ID Description Adjusted
Gene IDs
hsa03030 DNA replication 2.07E-02 7.28E-03 POLE/MCM5
hsa04974 Protein digestion and absorption 3.09E-02 1.08E-02 PRSS1/PRSS2
hsa03010 Ribosome 3.09E-02 1.08E-02 RPS23/RPS20
hsa00240 Pyrimidine metabolism 3.09E-02 1.08E-02 POLE/ENTPD5
hsa04972 Pancreatic secretion 3.09E-02 1.08E-02 PRSS1/PRSS2
GeneGO pathway enrichment analysis
# Description Adjusted
Gene IDs
1 Cell adhesion_Chemokines and adhesion 8.45E-03 9.91E-02 Thrombospondin 1, TRIO
2 Immune response_IL-12 signaling pathway 3.21E-02 9.91E-02 G6NT
3 Cytoskeleton remodeling_Role of PDGFs in cell migration 3.34E-02 9.91E-02 PDGF-D
4 Triacylglycerol metabolism p.2 3.89E-02 9.91E-02 CEL
5 Development_Thrombospondin-1 signaling 3.89E-02 9.91E-02 Thrombospondin 1
6 Cell cycle_Start of DNA replication in early S phase 4.43E-02 9.91E-02 MCM5
7 Role of Tissue factor in cancer independent of coagulation protease signaling 4.84E-02 9.91E-02 Thrombospondin 1