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Table 2 Summary of genes mutated in 2 or more case-matched tumour sites throughout disease course

From: Spatio-temporal mutation profiles of case-matched colorectal carcinomas and their metastases reveal unique de novo mutations in metachronous lung metastases by targeted next generation sequencing

Case ID# Gene PT syn
M[HEP] 1
M[HEP] 2
M[PUL] 1
M[PUL] 2
M[HEP] 1
M[HEP] 2
M[PUL] 1
M[PUL] 2
M[PUL] 3
1 KRAS G12D G12D       G12D   
TP53 R342* WT       R342*   
2 APC Q1338* Q1338*   Q1338* Q1338*      
KRAS G12V G12V   G12V G12V      
SMAD4 R361C R361C   R361C R361C      
3 APC WT      R1450*   R1450* WT R1450*
R876*      R876*   R876* R876* R876*
KRAS G12V      G12V   WT G12V G12V
PIK3CA WT      K111E   WT WT K111E
TP53 R196*      R196*   R196* R196* R196*
4 TP53 R337C R337C     R337C   R337C   
G199V G199V     G199V   G199V   
5 APC P1319Lfs* P1319Lfs*   P1319Lfs* P1319Lfs*      
(9.7 % AF)
  G12A G12A      
PIK3CA E542K E542K   E542K E542K      
TP53 G244C G244C   G244C G244C      
6 APC Q1367*      WT   Q1367*   
KRAS G12V      WT   G12V   
SMAD4 Q250*      WT   Q250*   
7 TP53 V157F V157F     V157F V157F V157F   
8 KRAS G13D G13D   G13D     G13D   
TP53 R248Q R248Q   R248Q     R248Q   
9 APC R1114* R1114*       R1114* R1114* R1114*
TP53 R282W R282W       R282W R282W R282W
10 APC T1556Nfs*      T1556Nfs*   T1556Nfs*   
FGFR3 P718S      P718H   P718S   
TP53 V157G      V157G   V157G   
11 TP53 R273C R273C       R273C R273C  
12 APC WT L1488Tfs*       L1488Tfs* L1488Tfs*  
KRAS G12A G12A       G12A G12A  
13 ABL1 WT WT   P315S P315S      
APC R876* WT   R876* WT      
APC E1284* WT   E1284* E1284*      
ERBB4 WT WT   D300N D300N      
KRAS G12D p.G12V   G12V (5.6 % AF) G12V      
14 APC T1430Pfs* T1430Pfs* T1430Pfs* T1430Pfs*       
NRAS Q61R Q61R Q61R Q61R       
TP53 R175H R175H R175H R175H       
  1. AF allele frequency