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Table 1 Characteristic of patient entering into Phase I with matched therapy

From: Comprehensive screening of target molecules by next-generation sequencing in patients with malignant solid tumors: guiding entry into phase I clinical trials

No. Cancer type Molecular alteration Matched therapy Response Progression free survival (month)
1 Bile duct FGFR2 FGFR inhibitor PD 0.95
2 Cervical PIK3CA
PI3K inhibitor NE 2.53
3 Liver TSC1 mTOR inhibitor NE 0.82
4 Breast BRCA1 PARP inhibitor PR 8.09
5 Peritoneal BRCA1 PARP inhibitor SD 7.17
6 Cervical PIK3CA
AKT inhibitor PD 0.72
7 Breast PIK3CA
PI3K inhibitor PR 6.18
8 Breast PIK3CA
PI3K inhibitor SD 2.80
9 Breast PIK3CA
PI3K inhibitor SD 5.72
10 Breast AKT1
AKT inhibitor PR 14.1
11 Breast BRCA1 PARP inhibitor SD 5.53
  1. PD progression disease, SD stable disease, PR partial response, NE not evaluable