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Fig. 1

From: Long intergenic non-coding RNA 00152 promotes lung adenocarcinoma proliferation via interacting with EZH2 and repressing IL24 expression

Fig. 1

Relative LINC00152 expression in LAD tissues and its clinical significance. a Bioinformatics tools “lncRNAtor” ( detection of LINC00152 expression in human LAD(n = 46) compared with normal tissues(n = 245). b Relative expression of LINC00152 in LAD tissues compared with non-cancerous tissues analyzed by TCGA database. c LINC00152 expression in lung adenocarcinoma (n = 60) compared with normal tissues (n = 60) was examined by qRT-PCR and normalized to GAPDH expression. d LINC00152 expression was analyzed by qRT-PCR in 6 NSCLC cell lines(5 lung adenocarcinoma cell lines and 1 squamous carcinoma cell line), compared with the normal bronchial epithelial cell line(HBE). e, f Kaplan-Meier progression-free survival time and overall survival curves according to LINC00152 expression levels. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01

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