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Fig. 6

From: Decreased expression of miR-939 contributes to chemoresistance and metastasis of gastric cancer via dysregulation of SLC34A2 and Raf/MEK/ERK pathway

Fig. 6

The prognostic significance of miR-939 and SLC34A2 for 112 GC patients assessed by Kaplan-Meier analyses. a and b patients with higher miR-939 had (a) better overall survival (OS) and (b) lower possibility for tumor recurrence. c and d patients with higher SLC34A2 levels in GC tissues had (c) poorer OS and (d) higher probability of tumor recurrence. e and f patients in subgroup I had the (e) longest OS and (f) lowest possibility of tumor recurrence among the four subgroups, which were divided according to combinations of miR-939 and SLC34A2, i.e., I, high miR-939/low SLC34A2; II, high miR-939/high SLC34A2; III, low miR-939/low SLC34A2; IV, low miR-939/high SLC34A2. For each cohort, different subgroups were plotted according to the cut-off values of miR-939 and SLC34A2, which were defined as the median of the cohort

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