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Fig. 3

From: BAP1 dependent expression of long non-coding RNA NEAT-1 contributes to sensitivity to gemcitabine in cholangiocarcinoma

Fig. 3

Concentration-dependent cytotoxic effect of candidate therapeutics. a. KMBC (blue circles) and HuCCT1 (purple squares) cells and b: haploid BAP1 knockout (HAP1 BAP1 KO) (green circles) or parental haploid HAP1 cells (WT) (orange squares) were plated in 384-well plates (1,000 cells/well), and incubated with varying concentrations of the indicated drug. Cell viability was assessed after 72 h using Cell Titer GloR 2.0 assay. Data represents the average percent cell viability plotted against concentration of drug in nM from 4 replicates for each condition. The table indicates the inhibitory concentration at 50% effect (IC50) values for each drug for each of the cell lines

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