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Fig. 5

From: BAP1 dependent expression of long non-coding RNA NEAT-1 contributes to sensitivity to gemcitabine in cholangiocarcinoma

Fig. 5

a Long non-coding RNA expression following modulation of BAP1 expression. LncRNA expression by qPCR was compared before and after experimental manipulation of BAP1 using either siRNA (si-BAP1 KD) or CRISPR/Cas9 in H69 cholangiocytes (c-BAP1-KD). a: Data indicates the average log2 fold-change (FC) in lncRNA expression in BAP1 knockdown cells from three independent replicates. b Expression of NDM29, NEAT-1, SNHG4, and MER11C was validated by qRT-PCR using different primer sets. Data represents the mean ± SEM of the ratio of lncRNA to RNU6B expression relative to controls*, P < 0.05

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