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Table 1 Databases of circRNAs

From: Circular RNAs in human cancer

Database Developers Functions of database Most recent version Address Reference
circRNABase Li J et al. Constructing a network of predicted interactions between miRNAs circular RNA genes and RBP December 2013 [21]
circBase Glazar P et al. Providing merged and unified data sets of circRNAs and the evidence supporting their expression December 2015 [22]
deepBase v2.0 Zheng L et al. Annotating 14867 human circRNAs. November 2015 [23]
Circ2Traits Ghosal S et al. Constructing a network of predicted interactions between miRNAs and protein coding, long non-coding and circular RNA genes. Disease associated SNPs were mapped on circRNA loci, and Argonaute (Ago) interaction sites on circular RNAs were identified December 2013 [24]
circNet Liu Y et al. Providing novel circRNAs, integrated miRNA-target networks, expression profiles of circRNA isoforms, genomic annotations of circRNA isoforms and sequences of circRNA isoforms December 2015 [25]
CircInteractome Dudekula DB et al. Identifying potential circRNAs that can act as RBP sponges; design junction-spanning primers for specific detection of circRNAs of interest; design siRNAs for circRNA silencing, and Identify potential internal ribosomal entry sites (IRES). December 2015 [26]
CIRCpedia Yang L et al. Containing circRNA back-splicing and alternative splicing from 39 human and mouse samples. January 2015 [27]
TSCD He C et al. Depositing the features of tissue specific circRNAs in the human and mouse genomes. August 2016 [28]