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Table 2 CircRNAs can be novel biomarkers in human cancers

From: Circular RNAs in human cancer

CircRNA Gene symbol Aliasa Chrome position Types of cancer Sample numbers (normal/tumor) Relative clinical characteristics Methods Reference
hsa_circRNA_100855 C11orf80 hsa_circ_0023028 chr11:66515849-66590145 Progressive laryngeal cancer 56 (4/52) T classification; Lymph node metastasis, Primary location, Clinical stage qRT-PCR [34]
hsa_circRNA_104912 DENND1A hsa_circ_0088442 chr9:126,438,998-126,641,300 Progressive laryngeal cancer 56 (4/52) T classification, Differentiation, Lymph node metastasis, Clinical stage qRT-PCR [34]
hsa_circ_0001649 SHPRH hsa_circ_0001649 chr6:146209155-146216113 Hepatocellular
178 (89/89) Tumor size; occurrence of tumor embolus qRT-PCR [35]
hsa_circ_001569 ABCC1 hsa_circ_0000677 chr16:16101672-16162159 Colorectal cancer 24 (12/12) T classification, Distant metastasis qRT-PCR [37]
circ VCAN, circ SMO, circ PLOD2, circ GLIS3, circ EPHB4, circ CLIP2, circ PTN, VCAN;SMO;PLOD2;GLIS3;EPHB4;CLIP2;PTN    Glioma 46 (20/26) Higher in tumor tissue RNA seq [32]
hsa_circ_0005075 EIF4G3 hsa_circ_0005075 chr1:21377358-21415706 Hepatocellular carcinoma 66 (33/33) Tumor size qRT-PCR [36]
circ-KLDHC10 KLDHC10 hsa_circ_0082333 chr7:129,756,284-129,762,042 Hepatocellular carcinoma 4 cell line Higher in CRC serum RNA seq & qRT-PCR [33]
  1. aAlias: the circRNA ID in circBase (