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Table 4 TIC-targeting drugs under clinical investigations. Adapted from [81, 125, 173175]

From: Tumor-Initiating Cells: a criTICal review of isolation approaches and new challenges in targeting strategies

Target molecules Therapeutics Disease Clinical trial Company
Undisclosed TIC inhibitor BB1608 CRC Entering phase III Boston Biomedicals, Inc
Telomerase inhibitor IMETELSTAT Broad range Phase II Geron Corporation
CD133 Dendritic cell-based vaccine ICT-121 Glioblastoma Entering phase I ImmunoCelllular Therapeutics Ltd
Focal adhesion kinase inhibitor VS6063 Advanced solid tumors Phase I completed Verastem and Pfeizer
Wilms Tumor 1 Peptides from Wilms Tumor 1 (FPI-01) Leukemia and
Phase II Formula Pharmaceuticals
EphA3 Human monoclonal antibody (KB004) binds EphA3 Leukemia Phase I KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Notch pathway Anti-DLL4 (demcizumab) (OMP-21 M18) Solid tumors Phase II OncoMed
Anti-Notch2/3 (OPM-59R5) Solid tumors Phase I
Wnt pathway Anti-Fzd7 (OMP-18R5, vantictumab, binds 5 Frizzled receptors) Solid tumors Phase I
Truncated Frizzled 8-Fc fusion protein (OMP-54 F28) Advanced solid tumors Phase I
Undisclosed cancer stem cell antigen Peptides vaccine (SL401 and SL701) Advanced leukemia and advanced brain cancer Phase I/II completed Stemline Therapeutics