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Table 2 Mitochondrial DNA mutations

From: Mitochondrial DNA sequencing demonstrates clonality of peritoneal implants of borderline ovarian tumors

Sample Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Mitochondrial DNA mutations localization Mutation type Amino Acid substitution Gene Variability DS
B1 m.4810G >A BOT Nonsense W114X MT-ND2 0.0 -
m.15570T >C BOT + PI Missense L275P MT-CYB 0.0 0.892
B2 m.3428G >A BOT Missense G41D MT-ND1 0.0 0.909
m.15219insA BOT Frameshift - MT-CYB 0.0 -
B3 m.11984T >C BOT + PI Missense Y409H MT-ND4 0.002 0.764
B4 m.3352G >A BOT Missense A16T MT-ND1 0.0 0.827
m.15449T >C BOT + PI Missense F235L MT-CYB 0.00642 0.088
m.16189T >C BOT + PI SNP - MT-D-loop 0.767 -
B5 m.310insC BOT Insertion - MT-D-loop 0.215 -
m.310delCC PI Deletion - MT-D-loop 0.215 -
  1. All mitochondrial DNA mutations reported in the table are tumor-specific and heteroplasmic
  2. Abbreviations: BOT Borderline Ovarian Tumor, PI Peritoneal Implant, SNP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, DS Disease Score