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Fig. 3

From: MicroRNA-30d promotes angiogenesis and tumor growth via MYPT1/c-JUN/VEGFA pathway and predicts aggressive outcome in prostate cancer

Fig. 3

MYPT1 functions as a critical downstream mediator of miR-30d's oncogenic effects in PCa progression. a Intersections among gene microarray identification and bioinformatics miRNA target prediction algorithm. b QRT-PCR analysis was performed detect the endogenous expression levels of SEPT7, MYPT1, ZNF148, CEP350, STAG2 and GALNT1 in miR-30d-transfected LNCaP cells. c Luciferase activity assays was performed to confirm the direct binding efficiency of miR-30d and its putative target MYPT1; d Western blot analysis was performed to detect the expression levels of MYPT1 protein in LNCaP cells transfected by lentivectors and in the tumor xenografts established by these LNCaP cells; e ~ h MYPT1 simulation antagonized the increasing effects on the abilities of migration, invasion, and capillary tube formation of HUVECs induced by miR-30d up-regulation in LNCaP cells. Data were presented as Mean ± SD. *P < 0.05. **P < 0.01

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