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Fig. 7

From: miR-19a promotes colorectal cancer proliferation and migration by targeting TIA1

Fig. 7

miR-19a promotes CRC growth in vitro and in vivo by targeting TIA1. a and b Colony formation assays of SW480 cells infected with miR-19a lentivirus, transfected with TIA1 vector or both. a: Representative images of colony formation assays; b: quantitative analysis of the numbers of colonies. c Representative images of tumors from the implanted mice. d and e Quantitative analysis of xenografted tumor volume and weight. d: tumor volume; e: tumor weight. fh H&E-stained sections and immunohistochemical staining for TIA1 and Ki-67 in tumors from implanted mice. f: representative images; g and h: quantitative analysis. i Working model of the c-Myc-miR-19a-TIA1-PDCD4 regulatory axis in CRC. **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001

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