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Fig 2

From: MDM4 actively restrains cytoplasmic mTORC1 by sensing nutrient availability

Fig 2

a Wb analysis of the indicated proteins in p53 −/− MEFs and p53 −/− Mdm4 −/−MEFs treated with EBSS for 50’ and then with complete growth medium (CM) for the indicated time points. Histogram reports the ratio of densitometric values of phosphorylated S6K1 (pS6K1) to S6K1. The ratio pS6K1/S6K1 from p53 −/− MEFs lane at 30’ was arbitrarily set to 1. Mean ± SD of two independent biological replicates is shown (N = 2). b Wb analysis of the indicated proteins in the liver from four control mice (WT) and four MDM4 transgenic mice (TG) treated with saline solution (−) or Leucine (+) (Leu, 120 mg/kg). Histogram as in (a) The ratio pS6K1/S6K1 from wt (CTL) untreated sample was arbitrarly set to 1. Mean ± SD is shown (N = 4) (* = p < 0.05, two‐tailed unpaired t‐test)

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