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Fig 6

From: MDM4 actively restrains cytoplasmic mTORC1 by sensing nutrient availability

Fig 6

MDM4 regulates cell tumor cell growth . a, b Linear regression analysis between mTOR and MDM4 mRNA expression levels in Atlas breast cancer primary tumors characterized by mutated p53 (N = 151, R 2 = 0,11) or wild type p53 (wt TP53) (N = 375, R 2 = 0,02). c Wb analysis of the indicated proteins in MDA-MB-231 cells transfected with siMDM4 or siCTL and collected after 48 h. d Representative pictures of mammosphere formation in MDA-MB-231 treated as indicated in (c). e Quantification of mammosphere treated as in (d). Mean ± SD of three independent biological replicates is shown (* = p < 0.05 two‐tailed unpaired t‐test)

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