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Fig. 6

From: TRIM8 restores p53 tumour suppressor function by blunting N-MYC activity in chemo-resistant tumours

Fig. 6

Anti-miR-17-5p and anti-miR-106b-5p render chemotherapy treatments effective in ccRCC. a, b, c Cell proliferation by MTT reduction assay in HK-2 (p53 wt), RCC-Shaw (p53 wt), and UOK-257 (mutated p53) transfected with Negative Control miRNA Mimic, anti-miR-17-5p or anti-miR-106b-5p, and treated with Nutlin-3 (N)(10 μM), Cisplatin (C)(7.5 μM), Sorafenib (S)(10 μM), Axitinib (A)(10 μM) or drug-untreated cells(-). For each cell line, drug-untreated sample transfected with control miRNA has been used as calibrator (fold 1.0). Cells transfected with anti-miR-17-5p or anti-miR-106b-5p, or with control miRNA and treated with the different drugs have been normalized with respect to this calibrator. Data are shown as the average with standard deviation of at least 3 independent experiments (** p-value < 0.005; *** p-value < 0.001). d, e, f Western Blotting of the indicated proteins in HK-2 (control), RCC-Shaw and UOK-257 after transfection with Negative Control miRNA Mimic, anti-miR-17-5p, anti-miR-106b-5p without drug (-) or after chemotherapeutic drug treatment with Nutlin-3 (N)(10 μM), Cisplatin (C)(7.5 μM), Sorafenib (S)(10 μM) or Axitinib (A)(10 μM). Western blot of Actin was conducted as control

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