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Fig. 9

From: TRIM8 restores p53 tumour suppressor function by blunting N-MYC activity in chemo-resistant tumours

Fig. 9

Treatment of xenograft tumours in vivo with recombinant adenovirus expressing HA-TRIM8, HA-RING or LacZ (Control). a Growth curves of xenograft tumours in nude mice treated for 3 weeks. The volume of the tumours was measured two times weekly (**** p- value <0.0005). b Tumour masses weight at the moment of the tumour excision in treated (HA-TRIM8, HA-RING) vs. control (LacZ) samples (** p-value < 0.005). c, d, e The stabilization of p53, miR-34a and down-regulation of miR-17-5p in xenografts treated with HA-TRIM8, HA-RING (T1-T5) or LacZ (C1-C3) was demonstrated by western blotting analysis of p53 (Actin was used as loading control) and by RT-qPCR on miR-17-5p (* p-value < 0.05) and miR-34a expression (* p-value < 0.05). The bars represent the Standard Error of the Mean

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