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Table 1 Cell-surface markers of OCSC

From: Ovarian cancer stem cells: still an elusive entity?

Marker Biological function Lowest number of tumorigenic OCSC References
CD44 HA receptor. Stimulates EGFR-Ras-ERK. Cell proliferation, differentiation, motility, chemoresistance. 102 (CD44+/CD117+) [7685]
CD24 Transmembrane glycoprotein. Activates STAT3. Stemness, cell adhesion, tumor cell malignancy, metastasis. 5x103 (CD24+) [98103, 105]
CD117 Receptor tyrosine kinase. Regulates PI3K/Akt, Ras/ERK, Src and JAK/STAT pathways. Cell signaling, apoptosis, cell differentiation, proliferation, cell adhesion. 103 (CD117+) [107112]
CD133 Transmembrane glycoprotein. Induces PI3K/Akt pathway. CSC maintenance, tumor formation, chemoresistance. 102(CD133+) [71, 121124, 131136]
  1. See the main text for details and additional references