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Fig. 6

From: Thymic Epithelial Tumors phenotype relies on miR-145-5p epigenetic regulation

Fig. 6

Inhibition of HDAC activity sensitizes TET cells to chemotherapy. a-b FACS analysis to evaluate the percentage of TC1889 Propidium Iodate (PI) positive cells treated with Cisplatin (CDDP, 7.5μg/mL) for 48 h and pretreated or not with 3 mM of VPA for 8 h as indicated. The experiment was performed in triplicate and the graphical plot of the average (a) and a representative FACS analysis (b) were reported. c ATPlite analysis to evaluate the viability of TC1889 cells after 72 h of a dose-dependent treatment with Erlotinib. d ATPlite analysis in TC1889 cells co-treated with Erlotinib (2.5μM or 5μM) and 3 mM of VPA for 72 h. The experiment was performed in triplicate. P-value was calculated by unpaired t-test and a value of P ≤ 0.05(*), P ≤ 0.01(**), P ≤ 0.001(***) and P ≤ 0.0001(****) was considered statistically significant

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