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Table 4 Exosomes related to drug resistance

From: The emerging roles and therapeutic potential of exosomes in epithelial ovarian cancer

Exo-source Specific source Content Drugs Target/Mechanism Refer.
cancer-related cells CAAs or CAFs miR21 paclitaxel APAF1 [71]
cancer cells A2780 cells miR-433 paclitaxel CDK6 [72]
A2780 (PTX/WT) cells P-gp paclitaxel export chemotherapeutic agents [74]
A2780 and CP70 cells miR-21-3p carboplatin NAV3 gene [73]
sera from OC patients SKOV3/CIS cells annexin A3 carboplatin prevent uptake or accumulation of platinum in cells [76]
CIS-resistant cells ATP7A, ATP7B carboplatin CIS-export transporters [77]