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Fig. 3

From: C10ORF10/DEPP-mediated ROS accumulation is a critical modulator of FOXO3-induced autophagy

Fig. 3

FOXO3 mediated ROS accumulation triggers autophagy. a SH-EP/FOXO3-EYFP-LC3 cells were grown on ibidi μ-slide 8 well™ slides. Twenty-four hours after seeding, the cells were treated for 5 h with 100 nM 4OHT to activate FOXO3 and with 7.5 mM NAC to block ROS formation. ROS levels were detected by MitoTrackerRed CM-H2XROS staining. Live-cell fluorescence microscopy was performed with an Axiovert200M fluorescence microscope. b Immunoblot analysis of LC3-I/LC3-II expression of SH-EP/FOXO3 and NB15/FOXO3 cells treated with 50 nM 4OHT as well as with 5 mM NAC alone or in combination for 6 h. GAPDH served as loading control. Densitometric analysis of LC3-II expression relative to GAPDH was done with the ImageJ 1.48 software. Untreated cells were set as 100%

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