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Fig. 2

From: MicroRNA-608 inhibits proliferation of bladder cancer via AKT/FOXO3a signaling pathway

Fig. 2

Effect of miR-608 in regulating BCa cell proliferation. a CCK-8 assay. The relative viabilities of T24 and UM-UC-3 cells treated with miR-608 were significantly lower than NC treated cells. b Colony-formation assay (Representative wells were presented). The colony formation rates of miR-608 transfected BCa cells were obviously lower in contrast with NC transfected cells. Error bars represent the S.D. from three independent experiments. c, d and e Tumor xenograft model. The tumor volumes and the growth curves implied that the growth of tumors in miR-608 group was significantly slower than NC group. Lower Ki-67 expression was also detected in miR-608 treated tumors. Error bars represent the S.D. from five nude mice. *P < 0.05

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