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Table 1 Comparison of differences in enrichment analysis between different 11q deletion segments

From: 11q deletion in neuroblastoma: a review of biological and clinical implications

  1. For the bioinformatics analysis IPA software was used. Annotated genes located on the most frequent 11q deleted region (11q14.1-qter from PAK to SNX), broad SRO (11q14.3-24.1 from miR-4490 to miR-100) and narrow SRO region (11q23.3 from CADM1 to TRIM29) was used. All three gene sets were ranked for Disease and Biological pathways, Toxicological Functions, Upstream regulators and Canonical pathways (in table only significant are shown). Fisher exact test was used for determination of enrichment and p-value less than 0.05 was used as significant. The rank score represents the ratio of 11q deleted genes contained in a specific network in comparison to the whole list of genes involved in the same specific network