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Fig. 8

From: Overexpression of lncRNA IGFBP4–1 reprograms energy metabolism to promote lung cancer progression

Fig. 8

Correlation of lnc-IGFBP4–1 expression with mRNA level of IGFBP4 in LC patients. a Relative expression of IGFBP4 in LC tissues (n = 159) compared with corresponding non-tumor tissues (n = 159). Red: up-regulation; purple: down-regulation. b The lnc-IGFBP4–1 and IGFBP4 expression levels were negatively correlated in 159 pairs of cancer tissue. c IGFBP4 expression levels were downregulated in lnc-IGFBP4–1-overexpressing PC9 cells. d IGFBP4 expression levels were upregulated in lnc-IGFBP4–1-downexpressing GLC-82 cells

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