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Table 1 qRT-PCR showing the relative levels of pri-, pre- and mature miR-145. The reaction mixture contained synthesized pri-miR-145 and total RNAs isolated from CR-HT-29 or HCT-116 CCAT2 overexpressing or CCAT2-KO cells, and corresponding controls digested with Dicer

From: A novel mechanism of lncRNA and miRNA interaction: CCAT2 regulates miR-145 expression by suppressing its maturation process in colon cancer cells

  Pri- Pre- Mature
HCT-116 Cells:    
 Control 1 0.14 613.11
 CCAT2 1 0.61 0.18
 KO/CCAT2 1 0.08 215.27
CR-HT-29 Cells:    
 Control 1 0.29 0.65
 CCAT2 1 0.16 0.07