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Table 2 miRNAs significantly changed between PCa patients and healthy controls. The table shows miRNAs that were significantly changed compared to healthy controls in one of more of the following groups: all patients together, PC patients with Gleason score 7a (3 + 4), PC patients with Gleason score 7b (4 + 3), PC intermediate (D’Amico criteria) and PC aggressive (D’Amico criteria). Fold change: patient versus controls. Both SAM and rank product were used as statistical analysis

From: Identification of non-invasive miRNAs biomarkers for prostate cancer by deep sequencing analysis of urinary exosomes

miRNAs Fold change q-value Statistics
miR-196a-5p −2.375 <0.05 SAM
miR-34a-5p −4.385 <0.05 SAM
miR-501-3p −7.315 0.009 Rank Product
miR-92a-1-5p −6.481 0.025 Rank Product
miR-143-3p −5.086 0.028 Rank Product