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Table 1 Deregulated lncRNAs in HCC

From: Dysregulated long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) in hepatocellular carcinoma: implications for tumorigenesis, disease progression, and liver cancer stem cells

  lncRNAs Function Mechanisms References
Up-regulated ANRIL Promotes cell proliferation Interacts with PRC2 to silent KLF2 [43]
MALAT1 Induces apoptosis, activates mTOR pathway Increases the splicing factor SRSF1 [45]
PCNA-AS1 Promotes tumour growth Forms a duplex with PCNA, increases PCNA stability [46]
CCAT1 Promotes cell proliferation and migration Binds let-7 as a ceRNA [48]
Unigene56159 Induces EMT and migration Binds miR-140-5p as a ceRNA [49]
TP73-AS1 Promotes cell proliferation Competes with HMGB1 to bind miR200a, activate HMGB1/RAGE axis [52]
CCAT2 Promote cell proliferation, EMT and reduces apoptosis Up-regulates Snail2 [53, 59]
uc.338 Promotes cell proliferation Interacts with BMI1 [54]
UCA1 Promotes invasion and EMT Interacts with miR-203, regulates the expression of Snail2 [58]
SPRY4-IT1 Promotes EMT Up-regulates twist1 and Vimentin, reduces the expression of E-cadherin [60]
SNHG20 Promotes EMT Up-regulates twist1 and Vimentin, reduces the expression of E-cadherin [61, 62]
TUG1 Induces drug resistance Regulates the expression of P-gp and MDR1 [65]
HULC Induces resistance to oxaliplatin, 5-FU and THP Activates autophagy [67]
HOTAIR Damages DNA repair and induces MSI Reduces the recruitment of P300, RNA Pol II and CREB to SETD2 promoter [73]
lncBRM Maintains stemness and properities of LCSCs Interacts with BRM and activates YAP1 signalling [29]
CUDR Promotes growth of LCSCs Up-regulates CyclinD1, down-regulated PTEN [74]
lncTCF7 Promotes self-renewal and propagation of CSCs Recruits SWI/SNF complex, activates Wnt pathway [30]
lnc-β-catenin Regulates self-renewal of LCSCs Mediates the formation of β-catenin -EZH2 complex, activates Wnt signalling [31]
lncRNA CAMTA1 Maintains CSC properties Regulates the expression of CAMTA1 [32]
lncRNA DANCR Maintains stemness of LCSCs Impairs interaction between CTNNB1 and miRNA as a ceRNA [77]
PVT1 Promotes cell proliferation and stem cell-like features Stabilizes NOP2 [89]
Down-regulated H19 Mediates metastasis of HCC Binds hnRNP U/PCAF/RNA Pol II complex to increase the expression of miR-200 family [44]
BANCR Promotes cell proliferation   [55]
lnc-FTX Modulate cell proliferation Interacts with MCM2 and binds miR-374a as a ceRNA [56]
lnc-DILC Promotes expansion of LCSCs Inhibits IL-6/JAK2/STAT3 [28]