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Fig. 1

From: Hdac7 promotes lung tumorigenesis by inhibiting Stat3 activation

Fig. 1

Hdac7 mutant inhibits lung tumorigenesis in mice. a. Statistical analysis of real-time qRT-PCR results for Hdac7 mRNA lever in normal lungs from wild type and Hdac7 heterozygous mutant mice. n = 3 for each genotypes. b. Western blot analyses of the Hdac7 protein level in normal lung tissues of wild type and Hdac7 +/− mice (left panel) and lung tumors from Hdac7 +/−/K-Ras and control mice (right panel). Numbers above the blot in right panel represent the individual tumor from different mice. c. Statistical analysis of tumor number on mouse lung surface of Hdac7 +/−/K-Ras and control mice. Each dot/square represents an individual mouse. d. Histological (left panel) and quantitative (right panel) analyses of tumor burden. Left panel, histological images of H&E stained sections of lungs with tumors from Hdac7 +/−/K-Ras and control mice, n = 6 for each genotypes. Bar 0.2 mm. Blots and images shown are representatives of three experiments. Values in (a and d) represent the means ± SD. of three separate experiments. ***, p < 0.001

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