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Fig. 6 | Molecular Cancer

Fig. 6

From: Long noncoding RNA NORAD, a novel competing endogenous RNA, enhances the hypoxia-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition to promote metastasis in pancreatic cancer

Fig. 6

NORAD is upregulated in pancreatic cancer and is correlated with the prognosis of PDAC patients. a NORAD expression profiles in GSE15471 and GSE16515. The results are expressed as log2 RMA Values; b Relative NORAD expression in 33 paired PDAC as quantified by q-PCR. Results were expressed as log2 (2-Ct);c NORAD expression was investigated in the cancer tissue compared with its adjacent normal tissues. The results were presented as log 2-fold change of tumor tissues relative to normal tissues; d-e Kaplan–Meier estimator of overall survival (OS) and recurrence-free survival (RFS). P values were calculated by the log-rank test. *, statistical significance, P < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001

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