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Fig. 6

From: Wnt-signaling enhances neural crest migration of melanoma cells and induces an invasive phenotype

Fig. 6

siRNA knock-down confirms the double role of genes simultaneously involved in embryonic neural crest induction and melanoma cell adhesion. a SKMEL28 cells aggregated during 24 h of roller culture after knockdown of the four gene candidates (upper row) and were microphotograped (10X magnification) Further cultivation of the aggregates for 24 h was used to detect the outgrowth of migratory cells (10X magnification). b For all four knocked-down genes a significant decrease of aggregate size (left diagram) compared to the siCtrl SKMEL28 cells was observed (ns: not significant, **: p < 0.01, ****: p < 0.0001, One way ANOVA). Depicted in red: mean aggregate size in μm2±SD. An increased cell migration index (right diagram) was detected for all four knocked-down genes in the transfected SKMEL28 cells compared to siCtrl SKMEL28 cells (*: p < 0.05, **: p < 0.01, ****: p < 0.0001, One way ANOVA). Depicted in red: mean cell migration index±SD. c Kaplan-Meier plots of CYR61- or INHBA-expression in primary melanomas demonstrating a correlation of gene expression with overall survival of melanoma-afflicted patients

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