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Fig. 2

From: Third generation EGFR TKIs: current data and future directions

Fig. 2

Potential Sequencing of EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors and its Estimated Overall Survival (OS). @ Estimated based on First Line EGFR TKI studies IPASS, WJTOG3405. *Estimated based on Pooled analysis AURA Extension & AURA2 as well as AURA3 Study. P Estimated based on OS reported from the Pooled analysis AURA. Extension & AURA2 Reported OS: 26.8 months + 10–12 months expected PFS from 1st Gen TKI. μ updated OS from Lux Lung 7. #Currently limited data. Only ~ 10% of patients received osimertinib post progression on Afatinib in Lux Lung 7. OS for these 10% patients is not available. ^ Estimated based on AURA3

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