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Table 2 List of the most frequent BCR-ABL1 kinase domain mutations resistant to ATP-competitive inhibitors reported in published studies

From: Chronic myeloid leukemia: the paradigm of targeting oncogenic tyrosine kinase signaling and counteracting resistance for successful cancer therapy

imatinib nilotinib dasatinib bosutinib ponatinib
M237V L273M F311L E355D/G V379I A397P Y253F/H V299L V299L T315M
M244V E275K/Q T315I F359V/I/C A380T S417F/Y E255K/V T315I T315I T315L
L248R D276G F317L/V/I/C D363Y F382L I418S/V T315I F317L/V/I/C ?  
G250E/R T277A F359V/I/C L364I L384M S438C F359V/I/C    
Q252R/H E279K Y342H A365V L387M/F E453G/K     
Y253F/H V280A/I M343T L370P M388L E459K/V     
E255K/V V289A A344V V371A Y393C P480L     
E258D V299L M351T E373K H396R/P F486S     
  1. The T315I is highlighted in bold and underlined. The question mark indicates that finding novel resistant mutations in the near future cannot be excluded