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Fig. 2

From: miR-19b enhances proliferation and apoptosis resistance via the EGFR signaling pathway by targeting PP2A and BIM in non-small cell lung cancer

Fig. 2

Changes in phosphorylation elicited by miR-19b. a Phosphoprotein array of anti-miR19b–transduced PC9 cells relative to control (n = 4). Signal intensity of pairs of duplicate spots is indicated. Only proteins that give rise to a signal intensity at least two fold above the background and a fold change ≤ 0.8 relative to control are indicated. b Western blot analysis of pre-miR-19b and anti-miR-19b-transduced cells. Protein levels were normalized to α-tubulin and presented relative to the control. Numbers below the immunoblots indicate relative expression values. Signal ratio of phospho-specific antibody and pan-specific antibody for respective proteins are indicated in bold

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