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Fig. 4

From: miR-19b enhances proliferation and apoptosis resistance via the EGFR signaling pathway by targeting PP2A and BIM in non-small cell lung cancer

Fig. 4

miR-19b regulates EGFR-induced cellular processes. a Spontaneous (solid columns) and TNFα/AktD-induced apoptosis (hatched columns) of EGFR mutant NSCLC transduced with anti-miR19b construct (n = 3). Apoptosis was analyzed by caspase3/7 cleavage assay 2 h post induction with TNFα/AktD. b BrdU incorporation and (c) clonogenic growth of pre-miR19b or anti-miR19b–transduced PC9 cells (n = 3). Cells were examined and imaged 8 days post-seeding. *, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.01; ***, p < 0.001, ****, p < 0.0001. d Clonogenic growth of anti-miR-19b and control-transduced PC9 (upper panel) and HCC4011 cells (bottom panel) at different concentrations of gefitinib. Cell numbers were determined 8 days after incubation with gefitinib. IC50 values were calculated from dose-response curves

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