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Fig. 1

From: The E3 ubiquitin ligase NEDD4 mediates cell migration signaling of EGFR in lung cancer cells

Fig. 1

NEDD4 mediates EGFR-dependent lung cancer cell migration. a, Wound healing assay of A549 cell migration. Left top panel, the knockdown of NEDD4 by shNEDD4 (lane 2) and recovery of NEDD4 upon re-introducing NEDD4 cDNA in the knockdown cells (lane 3); NEDD4-HM, high molecular weight NEDD4; NEDD4-LM, low molecular weight NEDD4. Left bottom panel, the protein level of EGFR in the lung cancer cell lines A549 and H1650 shown by immunoblotting with the cell lysates. Middle panel, photo images of the cell migration. Right panel, quantification of the EGF-stimulated cell migration area occupied after 24 h from the data of three independent experiments using the imaging software Image J (NIH). The non-EGF-treated cell migration area was subtracted by the EGF-treated cell migration area to obtain the EGF-stimulated cell migration area. b, Transwell assay of A549 cell migration. Note that the small lightly-stained round dots are pores of the transwell plates (shNEDD4 panels). c, Wound healing assay of H1650 cells

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