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Fig. 1

From: Novel targeted therapies and immunotherapy for advanced thyroid cancers

Fig. 1

Dominant signaling pathways involved in thyroid cancers, and clinically relevant inhibitors: a: MAPK and PI3k tyrosine kinase Receptors are shown in DTC cells, along with their respective ligands and downstream cascades. All clinically approved drugs are highlighted in green. The cross talk between MAPK and PI3k is shown through RAS and represent a tumoral escape mechanism from known multiple kinases inhibitors acting on B-RAF. ALK and Her2/3 receptors are shown with their downstream signaling pathways representing another tumoral escape mechanism from conventional drugs working on RAS and RAF. Note that stromal and endothelial cells, as well as cancer cells, participate in VEGFR and other signalling pathways that contribute cancer proliferation. b the regulating pathways of MTC cells are shown with the same cross talk between MAPK and RAS. MTC approved targeted therapy with their corresponding targets and receptors

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